How To Drape Curtains

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Awesome how to drape curtains is the best choice Ideas how to drape curtains in Another standard kind of curtains and drapes ar tiers. Tiers are called restaurant curtains; they are available in many different designs to satisfy around everyones wants, taste, and style. they square measure short long and are typically used in kitchens and baths for ornamental purposes. Basically, tiers cover the lower half the window using a tension rod and can be fantastically combined with a swag, pelmet or prime tier for a more robust, a lot of ornamental look.

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draping methods drape them over their respective ends of the curtain rod with the widthwise folds placed at the top of the rod for a single swag fold the curtain in half widthwise pass the folded end of the curtain behind the rod and then pull it over the top of the rod pull the folded end down to your desired swag length, rule 1 hang curtains above the frame to create the illusion of a taller window mount the rod four to six inches above the window frameor halfway between the frame and the ceiling molding but within reasondont go more than eight inches above the frame or it might look awkward.

step 1 lightweight sheer curtains can be hung with a café rod or lightweight curtain rod the rod needs to come out no more than 2 inches from the window heavier drapes will need a curtain rod that supports the material the distance it comes out from the window will depend upon the weight of the material and the curtain rod itself, step 1 measure the width of each window use a measuring tape to measure the window widthwise from one end of the window to the other start measuring at the outer end of the windows frame on one side and end at the outer frame on the other side1step 2 add 3 inches 76 cm to each side for a rod above the trim mount after you measure the width of the window add 3 inches 76 cm to both sides this will give you a general sense of the length of the rod you need if youre keeping it

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drape one scarf from 1 end hook across to the other end hook draping in the center with your second scarf drape it from one end to the center hook and then from the center hook to the far end this scarf will be draped twice fold your scarf for another window scarf option, the differences between curtains and drapes however is that drapes are lined sometimes with fabric heavy enough to block out all outside light making them perfect for bedroom use drapes sometimes called draperies are long enough to reach from the top of the window to the floor sometimes even puddling a bit beneath the window

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